Benefits of using a manufacturer to make your E-juice.

Here is the Deal...

While there are still many DYI E-juice brands, it seems like there is a better potential of pros for having someone else make your E-juice and let me tell you why. Other than sharing your special E-juice recipe, I see no other cons in choosing to manufacture with a co-packer.Even then, there are always contracts that can protect all parties. So let me just dive in to the pros.

  • a co-packer can predict overhead costs and eliminate the unnecessary spending. This ultimately means cost preparation and reduction in spending that can be allocated to different parts of your business.
  • Lead Time. If you do not have a manufacturing and processing line, you are definitely going to be running into a ton of packing time. Reducing lead time effects how fast you can get your product to your consumers and the world.
  • A co-packer can use their extensive experiences to help you with your product.
  • BULK BULK BULK. A manufacturer can always buy better in bulk than an individual or small business. This means better savings!
  •  A manufacturer will have production lines that can make co-packing as easy as just making an order.
  • R&D. research and development is key to survival and growth. A Manufacturer has his own team that is in house and an help you reach where you need to be.

It is evident that having a manufacturer make your juice is much more beneficial to your company. And Finally, make sure they are clean and certified!!


December 30, 2016 by LCF Labs