E Liquid Manufacturing
Our Lab
LCF labs is a manufacturing and co-packing facility for E-liquid/E-Juice. From flavor development to a completed finished product we handle it all. Currently manufacturing over 40+ known brands in the industry and continuing to grow due to the superior customer service, excellent turnaround time, and cost effective pricing. Our employees go the extra mile to make sure your project gets done on time. Our last 5 years of experience has put as ahead of the competition and just simply have much more to offer.
 ​Our facility is ISO-7 certified, FDA registered, and GMP compliant quality control processes so rest assured your product is in good hands. Flexibility and solid partnerships is what our foundation is based upon and we strive on providing the best possible service to have a long-term relationship. From manufacturing to co-packing, depending on the needs we take care of it all. At a current capacity of 40,000 bottles per day we are sure to meet all your deadlines. Truly a one stop shop from brand/flavor development to producing finished goods.
 Here at LCF Labs we strive to manufacture the most optimal finished product for our clients. Our experience in the e liquid industry has put us on the frontier of innovation and research development. We are an industry leader who is setting an example for other Manufacturers globally. We believe that the pillar to success is being as tentative as possible to our clients. 
We are currently on the cusp of FDA regulations, having a FDA Registered Facility, GMP compliant, along with ISO-7 Certified. These are necessities to us. We will walk you through the process of getting your e liquid product FDA approved and compliant. LCF Labs offers you a wide range of services that will make having a complete finished product much more efficient in a timely and quality controled manner. In our facility houses a staff of in-house graphic designers, research and developers, mixologists', and a team that has weekly meetings with FDA attorneys.